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Rain Cloud Water Drip For Plants Self-Watering Garden Waterer Plant Watering Device

Rain Cloud Water Drip For Plants Self-Watering Garden Waterer Plant Watering Device

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Rain Cloud Water Drip for Plants Self-Watering Garden Waterer Plant Watering Devices with Automatic Mechanism for Outdoor Potted

Bullet Points:

1.Eco-Friendly Watering Solution: This high-quality plant waterer is made of sturdy, weather-resistant ABS material, ensuring durability. It saves water by regulating water supply and encourages sustainable plant care. Environmentally conscious gardeners can trust this waterer indoors or outdoors without worry.

2.Effortless Plant Maintenance: With this automatic plant waterer, you can keep your plants from wilting and promote their health. This innovative watering mechanism mimics nature and ensures that your plants receive an adequate water supply without requiring your constant attention. Just set it up and enjoy your abundant greenery.

3.Elegant and Hassle-Free: Make plant care stress-free and add style to your garden with these automatic plant waterers. Used as an elegant garden decor or a plant irrigator, simply fill with water and let the "rain" nourish your plants. Effortless to use and visually stunning, brings life to every drop of water.

4.Decorative Delight: This Cloud Shaped Automatic Plant Waterer is a perfect fit for those who want to add a touch of art to their garden. It efficiently waters your plants without wasting any water, making it a unique decoration for your garden.

5.Revolutionary Solution: This automated plant waterer ensures hassle-free watering for all plants and garden types. The uncomplicated setup is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Gift it to your loved ones and watch their plants thrive.

Keep your plants healthy and thriving with our environmentally friendly Plant Watering Rain Cloud. This elegant garden decor efficiently waters your plants to prevent wilting. It's an efficient and stylish way to make your garden look great while making your plants healthier.


Product material: ABS

Product size: Cloud about 12*12cm/4.72x4.72inches, pole about 22.3cm/8.78 inches

Packing List:

1 set of Automatic Plant Waterer


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Due to different manual measurements, please allow a 1-2cm

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